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Our Mission

To provide organizations the tools and expertise necessary to cultivate a happier, more engaged, and more loyal workforce

In short, we believe in happiness.

We believe that a positive mindset leads to far greater outcomes, and that success is a result of happiness, not the other way around.

We speak the language of business; we’ve traveled the world studying happiness and well-being. We firmly believe that work has meaning and should be fulfilling. It depends on one’s attitude, interpersonal relationships, and belief in oneself and others.

To the right is a list of our services. You may choose a la carte, or combine services for a comprehensive investigation into your organization. Either way, we’re looking forward to serving your organization and its employees.

Most of all, we’re in this to increase society’s level of happiness.

  • Happiness Audit

    A confidential survey administered to employees to measure their happiness and solicit the kind of feedback your HR department can’t get on its own. Our report shows you what is working, what isn’t, and offers actionable recommendations for improvement.

  • Management Training

    The body of evidence showing how happiness is a precursor to success is overwhelming. Cultivating a happier workforce results in more motivated, engaged, and loyal employees We’ll share the latest research and give you concrete steps you can take. If you want a happier organization, it must start with management!

  • Workplace Audit

    Some workplaces are more conducive to happiness than others. Invite us into yours and we’ll tell you what’s working and what’s not, and give you short-term and long-term improvements to work on to make your workplace happier.

  • Gen-Y/Milennial Retention

    Millennials are the backbone of your organization, the group you’re depending on for success in the 21st century. But there is a disconnect between their expectations and conventional workplaces. We can help you navigate this terrain so your organization is not only Millennial-friendly, but one that attracts top Millennial talent.

What We Do

In short, we eat, sleep, and breathe happiness. And we share what we’ve learned.

We use hard data to measure organizational happiness, improve overall well-being, and give our clients the competitive advantage of a happy and engaged workforce.

We also want you to attract and retain the best and brightest. Let us show you how.

Our Focus

  • Measuring the happiness within an organization
  • Management training
  • Decreasing costly turnover
  • Capturing ideas for improvement from employees confidentially
  • Gen-Y/Millennial recruitment and retention
  • Transforming jaded employees into happier people

News That Motivates Us To Work Harder


84% of Americans are unhappy with their current job [source: Harvard]

Career Dissatisfaction

60% of jobholders would choose a different career from the one they have now [source: Yahoo Finance]


21% of employees have a negative view of their employer and have largely checked out of their job, even if they aren’t looking for another one [source: CNN]

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